How to Keep Romance Bubble Alive in a Relationship

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Relationships naturally shift stages, something that is inexorable. Each partner needs to understand and positively think of each other for love to last long.

Maintaining the spark in a relationship necessitates efforts on the parts of both parties. Otherwise, the relationship won’t last long if the spark is lost.

In this article, we will discuss some tips to keep the bubble of love alive in your relationship.

1- Do Something Special Regularly

Surprises go a long way in a relationship and that is why they must be spontaneous. Never wait until it is your partner’s birthday, graduation, or any other special day to do something special for them.

Always try to make your partner feel special and appreciated regularly. Make their favourite meals occasionally or any other thing you know they love.

This will go a long way in showing your partner that you care about them, thus sparking more affection towards you.

2- Learn what pleases your partner Sexually

Every person needs a partner who can satisfy them sexually. Be that person to your partner and let them know that their pleasure is your pleasure too and this will always draw their affection closer to your heart.

Understanding what pleases your partner sexually is also something that should not be neglected. Make it your business to discover what turns your partner on and what turns them off.

3- Teach your Partner what you like

Letting your partner know what you like and detest is a critical way to keep the romance bubble alive. Obviously, your partner will always feel good when you are happy as well.

Doing things that make you happy as a couple strengthens the spark of love. Always inform your partner what you like and let them know if they do something you do not like.

4- Cook Together

In most cases, cooking is left for one person in a relationship, or you take turns. What if you cook together, let’s say, during the weekend? It’s a perfect way to have fun and bond.

Cooking together can be therapeutic and create an opportunity for you to work as a team. Try making a new recipe together, mess the kitchen up, laugh, and later enjoy the meal together.

5- Offer to do something your partner loves, but you don’t like

Compromising for the sake of your partner’s wellbeing or happiness is a critical factor in any relationship. Making that meal your partner loves and they know you don’t like it or putting on that dress your partner loves yet you hate it may indeed help you light up your relationship.

Seeing your significant other happy and letting them win is key to keeping the spark. Always try to give your partner their way without them necessarily asking.

6- Try Something New Together

Learning something new is sure to bring about joy and excitement. You can learn so many things as a couple, for example skating, bike riding, camping and creating a mix tape together.

Learning new things together will also create new ways where you can bond. It’s also a way of providing fresh experiences and creating good memories that will kindle the feelings of love within you.


Often, it is the small things that really matter in a relationship. Try to maintain your initial passion at the beginning of the relationship. Mostly understand your significant other and always purpose to make them happy for a healthy and long-lasting relationship, because that is the key to a happy affair, lovebird!

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