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Beloved Woman

Two people grow up believing that one true love was never meant to be and that their dreams might always be unfulfilled. But fate always has different plans for the naïve. This is a novel to fall in love with as the characters find love and go through an immensely intense and transformative experience, drifting apart but being drawn back together by something like a magnetic force time and again.
Be ready to be transported into this multi-generational journey of endearment, pain, lust, regret and coming together despite all odds being stacked against ultimate love.

Beloved Woman

In this novel by Jonathan Kimba that beautifully encapsulates the unpredictability of life, get ready to fall in love with this couple and their crazy love story as they embark on an exciting journey of love and faith while fighting for justice in more ways than one.

The beloved woman is a beautiful book that is guaranteed to make your time more beautiful. This engagement book impels you to keep flipping the pages. It’s inspired by the book about love you must have read. It makes you cry, transforms you from within, and teaches us what the journey of love truly means. So, let’s find out about this fantastic book together. It will help you express how much you enjoy the presence in your relationship; look at these romantic love stories.

Love is a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing that forces Benjamin to go to all extents to pursue the love of her life, Abigail. Although Abigail continuously pushes Benjamin out of her life, Benjamin does not give up. He is determined to love, cherish, and create moments with Abigail.

Reading through this magical love story teaches you resilience, determination, and perseverance in your pursuits. It kindles feeling of love, recreating special memories with your special person.

Interlocking lips under the moon, sweet and soft caresses, warm whispers of unending love, and emotional goodbyes are some moments this remarkable novel will recreate in you. Why not go down memory lanes with a perfect love story such as Beloved Woman?

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Beloved Woman

This book exceeded my expectations, for a debut writer, Kimba’s work uses age old storytelling techniques to grip his audience enveloping us in an array of emotions. Exploring themes such as love, and a whirlwind of other themes alike.

— Bryan Dramiga

This book just blown me above the roof, while I was reading it. I did enjoy the read also it has a lot of good points in it. You wouldn’t wanna miss out! Go grab your copy to enjoy the story.

— Joshua

It’s a great book to read about inspiring love one of the best books I’ve read so far and I’d happily read it again.

— HaydenThomson-Howarth

A beautifully written book, great prose, looking forward to reading more and more from this author.

— Amazon Customer

An amazing book I love it so much, very inspiring. Keep up the good work Johnny.

— Kindle Customer

Language: ‎ English
ISBN-10: ‎ 9692292665
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-9692292665
Dimensions: ‎ 15.24 x 0.76 x 22.86 cm



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