Jonathan Kimba is a novelist who interweaves through his romance novels the nuances of falling in love…

Kimba lives in England and his romantic imagination is always on the lookout for new stories. In his spare time, Kimba pursues his other cherished passion, football. You can spot him either on the pitch playing the sport or coaching football players at the academy team.

Jonathan Kimba

When Kimba penned down his first poem, it unleashed in him a life-long love for writing. Something about writing drew him in right at that very moment. Ever since then, he has been on a passionate and fiery writing journey. His novels narrate beautiful love escapades to his sizeable and growing audience.

In his passion-driven blossoming writing journey, Kimba’s second book, A Journey of love, is a novel that narrates the passionate love story of Nathan in his pursuit of Gillian, a conscientious social worker and an upright lawyer. Through the story, writer takes his readers through a breathtaking show of resilience, determination and will, as evidenced by Nathan in winning Gillian, despite her pushing him away initially due to the trauma from her past experiences with love.

Kimba’s debut novel, Beloved Woman, is a multi-generational journey of endearment, pain, lust, regret and coming together despite all odds being stacked against ultimate love. It is the story of two people who never believed in love finding in all its cliché. However, the novel progresses to reveal to the reader of how fate had very different plans for them.

Personal Info

Jonathan lives in England. When he’s not writing, you will find him on the pitch playing or coaching football.

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The beauty of peripatetics is that I can develop new plots. Although my reasons may differ from my writing journey, apart from the apparent sense of having a good time and delighting my mind from the daily annoyances, I still do holidays as a grown-up. Leisure exercise unleashes the uncanny ability of creative writing in me. Working as a writer, I feel scorched out living in the same environment most of the time. However, I would need a change of scenery for my creativity to see the light of day. In the literary world, it is known that most of my best writing ideas originated in foreign lands.

Main Skills

  • Writing
  • Playing football
  • Football coaching


  • A journey of love (Book)
  • Beloved woman (Book)

Other Projects
and Interests

Travelling provides me with a brilliant opportunity to discover a manifestation of the history in the countryside. Through travel, I encounter a host of culturally and historically relevant sites, meet individuals of varying nationalities and learn a great deal about their customs, traditions and culture. Simply put, this allows me to develop my worldview and my mind even further, enhancing my self-development rather significantly. I have visited some Europe countries in the past. I hope to see many more countries in the future, located in the most remote and wildest of regions, abounded by gorgeous and scenic areas. Growing up, I recognized travelling as a special passion of mine as I always wanted to witness the other side of my world.

Moreover, I love taking pictures of the places I visit.
The best part of photography for a writer is his ability to capture a spectacular image and then refer to it at some other point in time. Thus, taking pictures of scenic locations that you think might fit well in the plot of a novel offers an abundance of opportunities that I wouldn’t want to pass by.