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A Journey of Love

Winning Gillian’s heart ends up being more than an onerous challenge for Nathan. But through his sheer resilience, persistence and most importantly, the depth of his character, he manages to win her over.

It was the quintessential love at first sight for Nathan who falls heads over heels for Gillian. However, little did he realize that Gillian has had her share of heartbreaks and will do absolutely nothing that would jeopardize her next romantic relationship! This heralds the commencement of a delightful journey of love, passion, sacrifice, and understanding on the part of both characters, especially Nathan, who is crystal clear about what he wants.

Stay With Me, Don’t Leave Me.

Nathan tries to support her both professionally and personally as much as possible so that they can create a beautiful life together.  Gillian, however, magnifies his pursuit for the love of his life as she is intrigued by his seemingly unusual budding affection for her. Does he really love her and care for her as much as he claims to? Will he beat the odds and succeed?

A Journey Of Love is a unique story in that it genuinely examines what it takes for someone to pursue and convince their partner. This novel will make you smile, laugh, cry, and think, often all at once as you navigate your way to find out what is it that ultimately transpires between the two.

Better alluded to as a journey, love fits the bill for this description. A Journey of Love is a perfect love story that introduces us to Nathan, a perfect gentleman who has found love in Gillian, a social worker, and a lawyer. When he expresses his intentions to Gillian, she does not accept him for fear of being heartbroken as she has gone through umpteenth frustrations looking for love.

However, out of perseverance and consistent reminder that he loves her, Gillian finally accepts Nathan, thereby opening a new journey in their lives.

A Journey of Love is a heart-warming story that fully draws your attention, puts you into the plot wholly, and leaves you feeling the characters. The actionable plot twist leaves you yearning for the next chapter, and the ultimate solution is reading the entire love story! Grab a copy now!

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A Journey of Love

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