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Jonathan Kimba

Jonathan Kimba is a novelist who interweaves through his romance novels the nuances of falling in love.

When Kimba penned down his first poem, it unleashed in him a life-long love for writing. Something about writing drew him in right at that very moment. Ever since then, he has been on a passionate and fiery writing journey. His novels narrate beautiful love escapades to his sizeable and growing audience.

Currently, Kimba lives in England. In his free time, he seeks inspiration for new plot lines. You could also spot him on the pitch playing football, his other cherished passion, or coaching football players at the academy team.

“Love has a funny way of finding us when we least expect it, but when it does, it changes everything.”

– Jonathan Kimba

A Letter from Jonathan

Dear readers,

I am writing to share my excitement with you in having my new novel coming out very soon. It will be out in Amazon in no time and I’m excited to receive honest reader reviews for it!

A Journey of Love is my second book and I’ve had as much fun writing this as my previous one. The story explores the titular journey on many levels—there is of course, the emotional and psychological journey one undergoes while falling in love, the journey that leads to the attainment of one’s object of desire, and the geographical journey that brings together and distances the characters. A good book will always transport the reader and take them on a journey that is at once personal and shared, as it is the case when people are in love.

I feel we all learn and unlearn matters of love and life, time and again, and this book has brought me a little closer to understanding the same. I hope it will do that to you, too!

I’m also eager to get your reviews and feedback on the book. I always appreciate connecting with the community of readers online and you can reach out to me via my social media handles or leave reviews on Goodreads or Amazon.

If you haven’t had the chance to read my first book, Beloved Woman, yet, you can find it on Amazon and let me know what you think about it!

You will be hearing from me soon enough. Until then, I wish you and your dear ones the very best.

Yours Sincerely,

My New Book

A Journey of Love

Winning Gillian’s heart ends up being more than an onerous challenge for Nathan. But through his sheer resilience, persistence and most importantly, the depth of his character, he does manage to win her over.

A Journey Of Love is a unique story in that it genuinely examines what it takes for someone to pursue and convince their partner. This novel will make you smile, laugh, cry, and think, often all at once as you navigate your way to find out what is it that ultimately transpires between the two.

My New Book

Beloved Woman

Everyone longs for that picture-perfect love in fairy tales, one where you just know that your partner loves you to bits unconditionally, no matter what trials and tribulations await you. Benjamin and Abigail consider themselves lucky enough to have someone that they can cherish this seemingly unbreakable bond. However, this inseparable pair unexpectedly faces a gamut of challenges even as they support each other’s careers, thereby testing the strength of their relationship, especially when Abigail’s career as a lawyer inspires her to pursue justice for young women forced into marriage.

My Third Book Released

Love of a Warrior

Love is both the most treasured as well as the most contentious/mistrusted human emotion experienced. Throughout human history, love has broken traditions, created, and torn apart families, and has been the fuel for pure selfless sacrifice. Those who attempt to recreate true love never quite grasp its power – love isn’t something that can be bottled up and given to just anyone. Nor can it be taken purely by force. However, when the king has his eyes on something he desires, nothing can seem to stop his wrath from obtaining exactly what he wants. That is until he attempts to tear apart the love of an impoverished couple, ripping this man’s beloved away from him. Yet, rather than fighting fire with fire, the man tries to make the king understand the true nature of their love. What transpires next when two passionate souls meet, waiting to fulfil their destinies? Read the book to find out!

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